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My Everyday Makeup Favorites

31 Dec

People often ask if makeup is better when you buy it from a department store versus a drugstore – and my answer has always been that it depends on the product. That being said drugstore brands have made great strides in the last few years in terms of quality and formulas (perhaps it’s because many drugstore brands are owned by the same parent company as the higher-end brands and would likely share resources and formulas…). But I’m getting a bit off topic.
I don’t discriminate – but I could be what you would call a “woman of loose morals” when it comes to makeup. I have a hard time sticking to one brand or product for every long. The other morning while I was getting ready for work I looked down at my makeup and realized 2 things: a) Somehow without noticing, I have been using the same products for quite a while now (maybe I DO have the ability to commit!) and b) most of my favorite products (aka the ones I use the most often) are from the drugstore. In fact…I think I have settled on a favorite lip gloss *GASP*! (Does this mean I need to change the name of my blog?).
Now we get to the part you have been waiting for…what are my favorite products? I’ll tell you!

1) Foundation – I’ll admit this is fairly new but I’ve worn it for long enough that I am confident that it has become my favorite foundation ever (and let me tell you – I have tried many!).  Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide. I picked this up 2 weeks ago at a Sephora. I was looking for something with coverage, that didn’t feel heavy, looked natural and not dry but that would last for a long time especially in my oily t-zone. So far I have found foundations that had one or more characteristic that I was looking for but never all of them. Well I can finally say I have found my HG foundation. The only con – the price. But…because it meets ALL my needs I feel it’s totally worth it. And a little goes a long long way! You have to shake the bottle and then apply a very small amount. I put 3 or 4 dots on each cheek and blend with a kabuki brush and that all I need. I don’t feel it on my skin, it covers my rosacea, it doesn’t look dry -matte, my oil doesn’t show through after a couple of hours AND it lasts for a long time (all day might be a stretch but  longer than anything else I’ve ever tried)

2) Concealer – I’ve struggled with dark circles all my life. I’m not saying this is the HG concealer for me but it is a pretty decent one and I would have no issues recommending it to people. (that being said there are lots of good drugstore concealers too – I just haven’t found one I absolutely love for MY particular issues). Laura Mercier Secret Concealer.

3) Eyeshadow – when I’m just going to work or being lazy I just sweep one color of eyeshadow on my lids and it is usually Revlon’s Satin Shadow in Nude Slip. Unfortunately I just discovered that they no longer make it and I’m almost out. I’ll have to search for a replacement. Sigh.

4)Mascara – I’m really loving Maybelline’s The Colossal Volume Express Waterproof Mascara. I haven’t had issues with any clumps, my lashes are separated (and they naturally like to clump together), long lovely looking.

5) Contour powder – I have a very round yet square face so I just like to do a tiny bit of contouring under my cheekbone and jawbone. I’ve yet to find anything I like more than Rimmel’s Natural Bronzer

6) I tend to stick to peachy colored blushes and one of the most popular for years has been NARS Orgasm. It is a very nice color BUT you can find a pretty good dupe with Milani’s Baked Blush in Luminoso. Its less than $10 vs $35. I also prefer it because it has less shimmer – I don’t normally want to have shimmery cheeks at work.

7) Lip Liner – I don’t always wear a lip liner but because I normally only wear gloss unless it’s a special occasion, I use this liner to fill in my whole lip so the color lasts longer (and it’s an almost perfect match to my HG lipgloss). I love Rimmel’s Exaggerate Automatic Lip Liner in Natural.

8) And last but not least – the reason I may need to change the name of my blog, my HG lipgloss….Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Super Natural. I love. love, love it! It’s the MLBB gloss I have been searching for. I bought 3 of them. One to keep at home with my makeup, one to keep in my purse and one to keep in my desk at work. I have never done that before with another gloss – because usually I’m so fickle.

Here is a picture of the finished result:


normal face or….duckface!