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Makeup for Time Crunched Mama’s

28 Feb

I don’t know about anyone else, but with a demanding 4 month old (and a 3-year-old but she’s at daycare most days) I’m lucky to fit in a shower, let alone do my hair or makeup. The thing is, I find that the days I make the time for myself I feel more pulled-together and my mood is much better. For this reason I have refined my morning makeup routine so that it only takes me 2 minutes and 47 seconds (yes I timed myself with a stopwatch :P) but leaves me feeling much more polished.

Please note the 2:47 did not include hair-drying time 😛 That took and extra 5 minutes which is a VAST improvement from the 20-25 it would have taken me before my friend/hairstylist thinned it for me. (I swear there was so much hair on the floor I should be bald!)

Here are the products I used:

  1. Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer in Fair
  2. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden
  3. Revlon Satin eyeshadow in Nude Slip
  4. Loreal Voluminous Naturale mascara in Black/Brown
  5. Tarte Cheek Stain in Blissful
  6. Rimmel Stay Glossy lip gloss in Endless Summer
  • I started by applying dots of the moisturizer to my cheeks, chin and forehead and blending it downward. I like tinted moisturizer because it is more forgiving when you are in a rush in case you make a mistake or miss a spot blending (not that I do haha)
  • I dabbed the eyeshadow primer under my eyes and on my lids and patted to blend. I can get away with using this as a concealer but if you don’t have the same skin tone the next thing you would probably want to do is pat on a concealer underneath your eyes – one shade lighter than your skin tone.
  • I took a fluffy eyeshadow brush and swept the eyeshadow from my lashes to just above the crease of my eye and blended, blended, blended.
  • I curled my lashes with a lash curler and then applied 2 coats of mascara.  Once I was done the second eye (first coat) I went back to the first eye for the second coat.
  • I dotted some cheek stain on the apples of my cheeks and along the cheekbones and blended toward my ears/hairline following the natural cheekbone.
  • I finished by adding a swipe of lip gloss to my lips.

Tah Da! Ready to go in under 10 minutes. Now I just have to find some clean matching socks…