5 items, 5 minutes

8 Sep

This summer I have really streamlined my makeup routine. I don’t have much time but I don’t want to leave the house looking like a zombie mom either. In this post I’ll show you my “bare minimum” look.

First of all – ignore the hair. I was still in the process of styling it 😛

For this look you require 5 items (surprise, surprise!):


A concealer or corrective foundation ( I  used Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation)

A neutral shimmery eyeshadow (MAC Naked Lunch)

A MLBB lipgloss (my lips but better) – probably in a peachy pink tone (Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip gloss in Pink Benefit)

A powder (Make Up Forever HD powder)

Mascara (plus an eyelash curler, shadow brush and concealer brush – though you can do without the brushes but I highly recommend you use the curler)

The Steps:

1. First take your concealer or foundation and a little concealer brush and touch up any red spots. Because you won’t be wearing foundation etc you want something that matches your skin tone exactly. You don’t want to draw attention to the areas you are trying to cover.  I use Cover FX cream foundation because of the high pigmentation and ability to cover.

Apply with a concealer brush (or your fingers) right to the spot you want to cover. I applied to all my blemishes and red areas like around the nose and my chin. Take your ring or pinky finger and VERY GENTLY pat to blend.

If you have dark circles like me apply an under eye concealer – again in a color that matches your skin and ONLY apply it to the dark area. Pat gently.

Take the same concealer/corrector and apply it to your eyelids to even out the color.

2. Curl your lashes and apply your first thin coat of mascara.

3. Take a bit of your powder on your ring finger and sweep it over the concealer under your eyes to set.

4. Sweep your shimmery shadow over your eyelid up to the crease.

5. Apply a second thin coat of mascara.

6. Swipe on your lipgloss.

All done.



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