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Why You Shouldn’t Sleep with Your Makeup On

10 Jun

Some friends and I were discussing how long it takes us to get ready to go to bed. I was surprised by how many people admitted that they sleep with their makeup on. Just the thought makes me cringe. Even in university when I would stay out until all hours of the night and come home ready to sleep through the next day at a MINIMUM I always washed my face and brushed my teeth.

I know this is a bit of a reversal – normally I’m telling you how to apply makeup but now I’m telling you to take it off! Sure the occasional night of passing out in bed with your makeup on probably won’t do any major damage but you don’t want to make a habit out of it and this is why:

  • First of all – you have sebum in your pores and the job of your sebum is to moisturize and protect your skin while removing dead skin cells and irritants. When you leave your makeup on the makeup can clog your pores so that  your skin can’t exfoliate itself (which leads to dull looking skin) and may cause the sebum to build up under the skin and cause….acne.

Lets say that you sleep with your makeup on and you have been lucky enough to avoid acne  – is it still important to take off your makeup? It sure is!

  • At a MINIMUM you need to take of any eye makeup every night. Not only is leaving mascara on your lashes bad for them (it will make them much more likely to fall out), it increases the risk of transfer into your eye (sometimes from your makeup rubbing on your pillow) which can cause irritation and infection. Not fun.
  • Makeup attracts dirt, grime, grease, bacteria and pollutants (aka free-radicals – heard of those?) and can trap them against the skin. While the damage this does may not be immediately obvious, the free radicals will damage your skin at a cellular level (wrinkles anyone?)
  • Last but not least the makeup will rub off your skin on to your pillow and unless you use a fresh pillowcase every night, you are rubbing your face in all that grime, pollutants etc while you sleep. EW!

So there it is – my lecture on why you need to wash your face every night.  If you aren’t sure what kind of cleanser to use there is a great list here  with lots of inexpensive drugstore products included :

Beautypedia Best Cleansers