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Do you want longer lashes?

19 Sep

I’m pretty sure that most people would say yes.  So I’m excited to tell you about a new product I  just got – Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes.

“Our best selling product, 3D Fiber Lashes dramatically enhances and magnifies the appearance of your own lashes.”. Of course I was intrigued. Especially after I saw pictures of the results – but I was still skeptical. I knew someone that was having a Mascara party (online) so I decided to buy them.

First off you order online and the shipping was SUPER fast!  It comes in a lovely, sturdy case (shown above).

The instructions say to apply a thin coat of your regular mascara and then a layer of transplanting gel. Before the gel dries you take out the wand with the funny fibers all over it and apply to your lashes. Then you either finish up with the gel again or add gel and more lashes – always finishing with the transplanting gel.

Before I get to my photos here are a few things to note:

  • I wear contacts and have sensitive eyes and had no issues
  • I did have a tiny bit of flaking the first day (but that was after I wore them from 7am – 10pm) and needed more transplanting gel (last layer). The next day I had no flaking
  • They are water resistant – you can splash water on your face and they wont budge – but don’t splash water on your face and then rub your eyes vigorously.
  • They say they can be washed off with soap and water but I ended up with a flaky face when I did that. It was much easier just to use  my eye makeup remover first.

Verdict: I really like them. You get the false lash look without the weird feeling of false lashes (or the struggle to apply them and then pray they don’ t fall off). They do take a bit more time to apply (but not lots) so I might not wear them every day but will definitely  use them for a little extra oomph.

Where can you get them? Well I’m hosting a party you can either click the link here: Gimme longer lashes!

Or visit my party Facebook Page

And without further adieu – my before and after pics.

New Image2  With one coat of mascara.

New Image after With one coat of mascara plus 2 coats of fibers.(The different angle is so that you could see my lashes better – they don’t focus very well straight on). Please note that my lashes tend to clump together naturally  – its not because of the product. If I had more time this am I could have fixed them…