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Halloween Makeup

16 Oct

Halloween is almost here – so in the spirit of things I thought I would post links to some Halloween makeup tutorials. (I would do them myself but to be quite honest I just don’t have the time right now.). Here is a round up of some of my favorites:

Walking Dead Zombie Tutorial









Gothic Vampire (Female)


















Blue Mermaid 

( I actually did Mermaid Makeup for an underwater photo shoot – unfortunately I don’t have time to do the tutorial- its also quite different if you don’t have to waterproof everything) if you want to add some scales you can take a piece of fishnet stocking and stretch it over your face while stippling another color over top – either a darker blue, silver, or white









Witch Makeup








Killer Clown

killer clown









Are there any other Halloween Makeup looks you would like to see?





Why You Shouldn’t Sleep with Your Makeup On

10 Jun

Some friends and I were discussing how long it takes us to get ready to go to bed. I was surprised by how many people admitted that they sleep with their makeup on. Just the thought makes me cringe. Even in university when I would stay out until all hours of the night and come home ready to sleep through the next day at a MINIMUM I always washed my face and brushed my teeth.

I know this is a bit of a reversal – normally I’m telling you how to apply makeup but now I’m telling you to take it off! Sure the occasional night of passing out in bed with your makeup on probably won’t do any major damage but you don’t want to make a habit out of it and this is why:

  • First of all – you have sebum in your pores and the job of your sebum is to moisturize and protect your skin while removing dead skin cells and irritants. When you leave your makeup on the makeup can clog your pores so that  your skin can’t exfoliate itself (which leads to dull looking skin) and may cause the sebum to build up under the skin and cause….acne.

Lets say that you sleep with your makeup on and you have been lucky enough to avoid acne  – is it still important to take off your makeup? It sure is!

  • At a MINIMUM you need to take of any eye makeup every night. Not only is leaving mascara on your lashes bad for them (it will make them much more likely to fall out), it increases the risk of transfer into your eye (sometimes from your makeup rubbing on your pillow) which can cause irritation and infection. Not fun.
  • Makeup attracts dirt, grime, grease, bacteria and pollutants (aka free-radicals – heard of those?) and can trap them against the skin. While the damage this does may not be immediately obvious, the free radicals will damage your skin at a cellular level (wrinkles anyone?)
  • Last but not least the makeup will rub off your skin on to your pillow and unless you use a fresh pillowcase every night, you are rubbing your face in all that grime, pollutants etc while you sleep. EW!

So there it is – my lecture on why you need to wash your face every night.  If you aren’t sure what kind of cleanser to use there is a great list here  with lots of inexpensive drugstore products included :

Beautypedia Best Cleansers

The Tools of the Trade

28 Jan

What is going to make the biggest difference in your makeup application? The right tools. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend tons of money on makeup brushes, nor does it mean go out and buy a full set.  In this post I’m going to tell you what to look for in a brush, which basic brushes you might want to buy (and which other brushes you might want to add later) and what each brush is for.

Finding Quality Brushes

Before you purchase a bush you should assess the quality by testing a few things. First check how the bristles feel against your skin (soft vs prickly), run your fingers through the bristles to make sure they don’t shed. You also want to test how the brush feels in your had. It needs to be balanced and feel comfortable to hold.

Natural VS Synthetic Brushes

Both types of brushes have a purpose in your kit. Natural bristles (squirrel, goat, pony or sable) are very soft and will offer a more diffused/natural application. These types of brushes are best for working with powder products.

Synthetic bristles are best for using with liquid, cream or gel products. They are normally stiffer that natural brushes and provide a more precise application.

Basic Brushes

Blush Brush









A blush brush should we wide enough to cover the apple of the cheek with soft bristles and curved edges. Use it for applying blush, hilight and contour colors.

Eye Blender Brush















This brush should be used for blending only  – not for applying color. You want a soft and fluffy brush to blend your shadows after application to eliminate lines of demarcation. The secret of natural looking makeup is to blend, blend, blend.

Eyeshadow Brush

There are all kinds of eyeshadow brushes but to start with you want to pick a basic brush. It should be wide enough to cover about half the lid. The shape is good for quickly and precisely applying shadows to your lid.

Powder Bush

For a powder brush you want to choose a natural hair, large, fluffy brush with a full round shape. The size and shape of the brush ensures an even application and distribution of powders.

These 4 brushes give you lots to work with.

Additional Brushes

Bronzer Brush









With soft, dense bristles and a rounded brush head, a bronzer brush will provide a smooth, even application of bronzer.

Brow Brush










This brush is used to apply powder to the brows for a fuller look. Look for a brush with stiff, short bristles cut on an angle.  A blend of synthetic and natural bristles is best.

Concealer Brush

The concealer brush is designed to precisely apply concealer in hard to reach spots like the corners of your eyes, around your nose and over blemishes. Look for a brush with stiff yet soft bristles and synthetic hairs (as most concealers are cream based).

Brush with a Dome Tip

This brush is designed for applying eye shadow to the crease of the eye for contouring.  Look for a brush with soft, natural bristles and a domed shape for precise and smooth application.Angled Liner Brush

Angled Liner Brush

This brush is used to define your eyelid with a fine line of color. You want a brush with flat and dense synthetic bristles so that it can be used with liquid, cream, gel or powder liners.

Flat Liner Brush

This brush is used for wet or dry application of color along the lash-line. Look for a brush with flat, dense synthetic bristles and a slightly rounded tip.

Face Brush (or Kabuki Brush)

A face brush is a multi-purpose brush. It can be used for applying bronzer, blush or powder or for blending everything after application (of powders). Look for a soft brush with a slightly rounded shape.

Foundation Brush

Foundation brushes are used to apply…foundation! The use of a brush provides slightly more coverage than if you apply foundation with a sponge.  Look for a brush with synthetic bristles and a full, flat shape with rounded edges.

Lip Brush

A lip brush uses firm bristles with a pointed tip to allow for prescice application of lipstick or glosses. Look for a brush with synthetic bristles.

Now these last 2 are not brushes but I consider them super important tools in my kit.

Eyelash Curler

A lash curler is designed to lift and curl your lashes. Look for a basic metal version with rubber pads. Always curl your lashes BEFORE putting on your mascara.

Beauty Blender

I will never go back to using a regular sponge after trying the Beautyblender. Designed to be used wet it provides a practically flawless application of foundation. The rounded shape prevents the dreaded foundation lines and the tapered edge is good for getting in tricky spots like around the nose and near the inner eye.

5 items, 5 minutes

8 Sep

This summer I have really streamlined my makeup routine. I don’t have much time but I don’t want to leave the house looking like a zombie mom either. In this post I’ll show you my “bare minimum” look.

First of all – ignore the hair. I was still in the process of styling it 😛

For this look you require 5 items (surprise, surprise!):


A concealer or corrective foundation ( I  used Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation)

A neutral shimmery eyeshadow (MAC Naked Lunch)

A MLBB lipgloss (my lips but better) – probably in a peachy pink tone (Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip gloss in Pink Benefit)

A powder (Make Up Forever HD powder)

Mascara (plus an eyelash curler, shadow brush and concealer brush – though you can do without the brushes but I highly recommend you use the curler)

The Steps:

1. First take your concealer or foundation and a little concealer brush and touch up any red spots. Because you won’t be wearing foundation etc you want something that matches your skin tone exactly. You don’t want to draw attention to the areas you are trying to cover.  I use Cover FX cream foundation because of the high pigmentation and ability to cover.

Apply with a concealer brush (or your fingers) right to the spot you want to cover. I applied to all my blemishes and red areas like around the nose and my chin. Take your ring or pinky finger and VERY GENTLY pat to blend.

If you have dark circles like me apply an under eye concealer – again in a color that matches your skin and ONLY apply it to the dark area. Pat gently.

Take the same concealer/corrector and apply it to your eyelids to even out the color.

2. Curl your lashes and apply your first thin coat of mascara.

3. Take a bit of your powder on your ring finger and sweep it over the concealer under your eyes to set.

4. Sweep your shimmery shadow over your eyelid up to the crease.

5. Apply a second thin coat of mascara.

6. Swipe on your lipgloss.

All done.


Challenge–Step Away from that Comfort Zone

8 Apr

Even as a makeup artist  I find myself working in my comfort zone more often than not – whether it’s on a client or myself. I find myself using the same techniques and gravitating toward the same colors. Well right now I am going to challenge you (if anyone is actually reading this lol) to leave your comfort zone and try something new!

The great thing is   – if you don’t like it you can wash it off!

Bright colored lips are a big trend right now (and something I wouldn’t normally wear myself) so I have included a video on how to wear this seasons colors without feeling like a clown. (Please bear with me this is the first time I have tried using this web cam!)

Leaving my comfort zone with a bright lip