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Do you want longer lashes?

19 Sep

I’m pretty sure that most people would say yes.  So I’m excited to tell you about a new product I  just got – Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes.

“Our best selling product, 3D Fiber Lashes dramatically enhances and magnifies the appearance of your own lashes.”. Of course I was intrigued. Especially after I saw pictures of the results – but I was still skeptical. I knew someone that was having a Mascara party (online) so I decided to buy them.

First off you order online and the shipping was SUPER fast!  It comes in a lovely, sturdy case (shown above).

The instructions say to apply a thin coat of your regular mascara and then a layer of transplanting gel. Before the gel dries you take out the wand with the funny fibers all over it and apply to your lashes. Then you either finish up with the gel again or add gel and more lashes – always finishing with the transplanting gel.

Before I get to my photos here are a few things to note:

  • I wear contacts and have sensitive eyes and had no issues
  • I did have a tiny bit of flaking the first day (but that was after I wore them from 7am – 10pm) and needed more transplanting gel (last layer). The next day I had no flaking
  • They are water resistant – you can splash water on your face and they wont budge – but don’t splash water on your face and then rub your eyes vigorously.
  • They say they can be washed off with soap and water but I ended up with a flaky face when I did that. It was much easier just to use  my eye makeup remover first.

Verdict: I really like them. You get the false lash look without the weird feeling of false lashes (or the struggle to apply them and then pray they don’ t fall off). They do take a bit more time to apply (but not lots) so I might not wear them every day but will definitely  use them for a little extra oomph.

Where can you get them? Well I’m hosting a party you can either click the link here: Gimme longer lashes!

Or visit my party Facebook Page

And without further adieu – my before and after pics.

New Image2  With one coat of mascara.

New Image after With one coat of mascara plus 2 coats of fibers.(The different angle is so that you could see my lashes better – they don’t focus very well straight on). Please note that my lashes tend to clump together naturally  – its not because of the product. If I had more time this am I could have fixed them…


Review – Cover Girl truMagic Skin Perfector

12 Feb

 I had heard of mattifying balms before but I didn’t want to shell out the money to try one when it might not even work ( I think the one I saw was $30?) When I saw the Cover Girl truMagic Skin Perfector in the drugstore I decided to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised.


I’ve since read many mixed reviews about this product. Most of the negative reviews have been about using it as a primer. I didn’t purchase it to use as a primer – I wanted to see how it would work to  mattify skin OVER makeup as opposed to powdering or blotting (neither of which work that well for me). You wouldn’t think a balm would mattifly your skin (can you imagine smearing lip balm on your forehead?)– but you would be wrong. This little product is amazing.  I lightly blotted my t zone and bye bye shine! Bonus – it didn’t take off my makeup or make me look cakey (like too much powder can).  The finish feels very smooth and velvety.

Now for the downside – there is no place to store the sponge that comes with it except on top of the product. Why they made it this way I have no idea. This isn’t the most hygienic option – so the best thing is to get rid of the sponge and just pat the product on with your fingers. The case is also a bit unwieldy for travel – but since I just plan to keep it in my desk at work that’s not an issue for me.

If oily areas are a trouble spot for you this is a product worth checking out.

Boscia BB Cream

5 Nov

I got a sample of this BB Cream with an order from Sephora quite a while ago. I finally decided to try it out last week. I was hesitant because it’s supposed to be one of those self-adjusting shades and honestly I’m a little leery of those.

What it is:
An oil-free, skin-perfecting “Blemish Balm” that creates a flawless finish as it moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

What it is formulated to do:
– Oil-free botanical formula to promote skin elasticity and reduce the look of fine lines
– Features SPF 27 sun protection
– Comes in one universal lustrous shade

B.B. Cream is the ultimate multifunctional treatment. The gentle botanical formula creates a lustrous, flawless finish as it hydrates, firms, and soothes the skin. It helps to diminish the appearance of pores, fine lines, and uneven skintone while providing long-wearing, natural coverage that conceals imperfections. The self-adjusting shade warms to complement most skintones for sheer, flawless coverage. Designed to repair damage and protect skin from future damage without irritation, it’s packed with antioxidants and physical sunscreens that provide broad-spectrum sun protection rated to SPF 27 and PA++. The PA system is a grade of UVA protection that provides superior defense against the rays that cause collagen damage and photo-aging of the skin.

My first impression – the formula was definitely not what I was expecting. When I first opened the package some liquid came out – like the product had seperated.  I don’ t know if it was because I had the sample for a while or if thats they way it normally is. I had to mix it together in my hands before I could apply it and it felt pretty watery and was hard to mix.  When I put the cream on my face it looked quite dark but it did lighten up a bit. I wouldn’t say it matched my skin tone – it gave me a yellowish cast that made me feel jaundiced.  Based on that sample it isn’t a product I would spend my money on.

Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation Review

29 Oct

With my last Sephora order I chose a sample of the Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation. Normally I don’t have much luck with foundation samples because I have very pale skin and most of the time they only send one color. This sample included 4 colors and the lightest color was actually a pretty good match for me.


Smashbox description:

Light Technology completely evens out skin for a totally natural, luminous finish. (Think gel-covered pigments that mimic photo filters to blur imperfections.)

Created in our studios, this HD formula was developed to keep up with advancing photo technology by giving you flawless coverage that’s undetectable to the naked eye.

•    Works with all undertones
•    Buildable sheer-to-medium coverage
•    Long-wearing
•    Moisturizing
•    Sweat and humidity resistant

The foundation comes in 10 shades. What I liked about it was that it felt light and natural on the skin, looked sheer, but still provided decent coverage.  This would be the perfect weekday makeup for me – when tinted moisturizer doesn’t have enough coverage but a full foundation feels like too much.

It blended VERY well. Normally I apply with a Beauty Blender or use my fingers and blend it out with the blender afterwards. After I applied the Smashbox foundation I didn’t even feel the need to go over it with the blender (but I did out of habit).

Did I mention that it has SPF? Well it does which is a big selling point for me because I am fanatical about wearing sunscreen.

Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation can be purchased from the Smashbox website for $42.

I think its worth the investment if a medium/sheer coverage, everyday, natural-looking foundation is what you are looking for.


29 Jan

Bobbi Brown online is now finally in Canada! Be still my heart! My budget is going to take a beating…Check it out at

The Tools of the Trade

28 Jan

What is going to make the biggest difference in your makeup application? The right tools. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend tons of money on makeup brushes, nor does it mean go out and buy a full set.  In this post I’m going to tell you what to look for in a brush, which basic brushes you might want to buy (and which other brushes you might want to add later) and what each brush is for.

Finding Quality Brushes

Before you purchase a bush you should assess the quality by testing a few things. First check how the bristles feel against your skin (soft vs prickly), run your fingers through the bristles to make sure they don’t shed. You also want to test how the brush feels in your had. It needs to be balanced and feel comfortable to hold.

Natural VS Synthetic Brushes

Both types of brushes have a purpose in your kit. Natural bristles (squirrel, goat, pony or sable) are very soft and will offer a more diffused/natural application. These types of brushes are best for working with powder products.

Synthetic bristles are best for using with liquid, cream or gel products. They are normally stiffer that natural brushes and provide a more precise application.

Basic Brushes

Blush Brush









A blush brush should we wide enough to cover the apple of the cheek with soft bristles and curved edges. Use it for applying blush, hilight and contour colors.

Eye Blender Brush















This brush should be used for blending only  – not for applying color. You want a soft and fluffy brush to blend your shadows after application to eliminate lines of demarcation. The secret of natural looking makeup is to blend, blend, blend.

Eyeshadow Brush

There are all kinds of eyeshadow brushes but to start with you want to pick a basic brush. It should be wide enough to cover about half the lid. The shape is good for quickly and precisely applying shadows to your lid.

Powder Bush

For a powder brush you want to choose a natural hair, large, fluffy brush with a full round shape. The size and shape of the brush ensures an even application and distribution of powders.

These 4 brushes give you lots to work with.

Additional Brushes

Bronzer Brush









With soft, dense bristles and a rounded brush head, a bronzer brush will provide a smooth, even application of bronzer.

Brow Brush










This brush is used to apply powder to the brows for a fuller look. Look for a brush with stiff, short bristles cut on an angle.  A blend of synthetic and natural bristles is best.

Concealer Brush

The concealer brush is designed to precisely apply concealer in hard to reach spots like the corners of your eyes, around your nose and over blemishes. Look for a brush with stiff yet soft bristles and synthetic hairs (as most concealers are cream based).

Brush with a Dome Tip

This brush is designed for applying eye shadow to the crease of the eye for contouring.  Look for a brush with soft, natural bristles and a domed shape for precise and smooth application.Angled Liner Brush

Angled Liner Brush

This brush is used to define your eyelid with a fine line of color. You want a brush with flat and dense synthetic bristles so that it can be used with liquid, cream, gel or powder liners.

Flat Liner Brush

This brush is used for wet or dry application of color along the lash-line. Look for a brush with flat, dense synthetic bristles and a slightly rounded tip.

Face Brush (or Kabuki Brush)

A face brush is a multi-purpose brush. It can be used for applying bronzer, blush or powder or for blending everything after application (of powders). Look for a soft brush with a slightly rounded shape.

Foundation Brush

Foundation brushes are used to apply…foundation! The use of a brush provides slightly more coverage than if you apply foundation with a sponge.  Look for a brush with synthetic bristles and a full, flat shape with rounded edges.

Lip Brush

A lip brush uses firm bristles with a pointed tip to allow for prescice application of lipstick or glosses. Look for a brush with synthetic bristles.

Now these last 2 are not brushes but I consider them super important tools in my kit.

Eyelash Curler

A lash curler is designed to lift and curl your lashes. Look for a basic metal version with rubber pads. Always curl your lashes BEFORE putting on your mascara.

Beauty Blender

I will never go back to using a regular sponge after trying the Beautyblender. Designed to be used wet it provides a practically flawless application of foundation. The rounded shape prevents the dreaded foundation lines and the tapered edge is good for getting in tricky spots like around the nose and near the inner eye.

I think I’ve Died And Gone to Heaven

3 Jun

Not only is Saskatoon getting a Sephora – but for those times when I just can’t wait to get to the city(and until it opens) I’ve discovered a new CANADIAN online beauty store with brands that I’ve had a hard time locating in Canada! You have no idea how freaking excited I am.  My baby is getting mad beside me and I’m torn between picking him up and browsing the site! Check it out:

I think I’m going to have to get a second job!