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Review – Cover Girl truMagic Skin Perfector

12 Feb

 I had heard of mattifying balms before but I didn’t want to shell out the money to try one when it might not even work ( I think the one I saw was $30?) When I saw the Cover Girl truMagic Skin Perfector in the drugstore I decided to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised.


I’ve since read many mixed reviews about this product. Most of the negative reviews have been about using it as a primer. I didn’t purchase it to use as a primer – I wanted to see how it would work to  mattify skin OVER makeup as opposed to powdering or blotting (neither of which work that well for me). You wouldn’t think a balm would mattifly your skin (can you imagine smearing lip balm on your forehead?)– but you would be wrong. This little product is amazing.  I lightly blotted my t zone and bye bye shine! Bonus – it didn’t take off my makeup or make me look cakey (like too much powder can).  The finish feels very smooth and velvety.

Now for the downside – there is no place to store the sponge that comes with it except on top of the product. Why they made it this way I have no idea. This isn’t the most hygienic option – so the best thing is to get rid of the sponge and just pat the product on with your fingers. The case is also a bit unwieldy for travel – but since I just plan to keep it in my desk at work that’s not an issue for me.

If oily areas are a trouble spot for you this is a product worth checking out.